Sunday, 16 September 2018

2018 KLCA CHESS LEAGUE (Team Event) - Registration of Interest & UPDATE 3


Details of the 2018 KLCA CHESS LEAGUE 2018, can be referred to at the official league site :-

(1) Teams interested to participate in the 2018 KLCA CHESS LEAGUE are invited to send an email to register their interest. NO PAYMENT is required yet.

Kindly register your interest via email stating:-
A.Team Name;
B.Team Captain;
C. Category; and,
D. Contact details.

Email is to be sent to:
Tournament Director, Mr. Amirul HM -
copy to:
A. League Secretary, Mr. Ng Ling Gee -
B. KLCA Hon. Secretary, Dr. Shafiq Ngasiman -

(2) KLCA reserves the right to refuse to register any team name, team and/or player without giving any reason whatsoever. 

Thank You.

Dr. Shafiq Ngasiman
Hon. Secretary

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