Tuesday, 12 September 2023

Q4: OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2023: Events Organised by KLCA or Endorsed by KLCA (Updated 16 September 2023)


Joint Organiser with MCF

( 7 - 9 November - 1st NATIONAL SENIORS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP, Classical )

Joint Organiser with Putrajaya Chess Association

( 7 October : WP SUKMA Selection Circuit 2023/24, Rapid )

( 28 October : WP SUKMA Selection Circuit 2023/24, Rapid )

( 5 November : WP SUKMA Selection Circuit 2023/24, Rapid )

( 12 November : WP SUKMA Selection Circuit 2023/24, Rapid )


( 22 October - Circuit  2: WPKL Women U20 Circuit 2023/24, Rapid  )


( 15 October : 1000 Liga Segambut - 1st TTDI Open Chess Competition 2023, Apply PAJSK.
Organised by: Jabatan Belia & Sukan KL and MPPWP Sub Zone 2 Segambut )

( 24 December: Chong Hwa Open Chess Tournament, FR.
Organised by Chong Hwa Independent High School - Curriculum Dept)

16th September 2023
WP SUKMA Selection Circuit 2023/24

13th September 2023
1st National Seniors Chess Championship

Monday, 31 July 2023



(1) The KLCA held their Q3 EXCO Meeting on Saturday, 29th July 2023 ( 2.00 - 3.30PM ) and have finalised and endorsed the team for the Malaysian Chess Festival 2023 which will be held in August 2023 at Cititel, Midvalley.

(2) The players were ALL selected from those who took part in the current WPKL Youth Circuit 2023/24, FIDE-Rated (formerly known as KL Age Group 2023) organised by KLCA.

(3) The following are the official KLCA players for the Malaysian Chess Festival 2023 Team Event:-

U16 (Merdeka Team Event)
1. Wee Yin Lin
2. Aaron Jaymes Lim
3. Danish Zharif
4. Amir Faiz

U12 (Merdeka Junior Team Event)
1. Tee Shunze Kyle
2. Yeo Yee Meng
3. Marcus Yuan
4. Muhd Ismakhaizuran

(4) President and EXCO, KLCA wishes both the U16 and U12 Team all the best in the upcoming Malaysian Chess Festival 2023.

President and EXCO,
Kuala Lumpur Chess Association(KLCA)
31 July 2023

Sunday, 16 July 2023

WPKL Youth Circuit 2023/24 (Points Standings after Circuit 7)


 ( U20 WPKL Points Standings, after Circuit 7)

( WPKL Youth Circuit 2023/24 - Points Standings after Circuit 7) 


Saidarahas Somashetty showed why India is now one of the leading countries in chess by emerging champion and showing the Malaysian players that they need to work harder.
He is the 7th Champion in as many circuit after Wei Yin Lin(C1), Naim Azraie(C2), 
CM Amir Faiz Amirul (C3), Beh Keat Ket(C4), Lim Zhung Chen(C5) and Tan Wei Yuan(C6).

Irregular circuit player and Circuit 4 Champion Beh Keat Kee finished runners-up and added to his points tally of 19 to place 7th on the list. Isaac Tan finished fourth and place 6th on the leaderboard
with 21 points

Despite finishing 10th and collecting 1 point, Wei Yin Lin still leads in the new U20 category (previousU18) with 44 points. He received a consolation by getting the Best U14 prize.
2 points behind in second place is  Aaron Jaymes Lim Zhung Chen with 42 points. Aaron finished
6th in Circuit 7 and added 5 points to his tally.

Fresh from MSSWPKL Bangsar Zone is Danish Zharif who didn't play in Circuit 6 and got the bronze medal. Danish added 8 points and is now on 39 points to be third on the leaderboard.
12 year old Khomisajie who did not participate has now dropped a place to fourth, stuck on 31 points.


8-year old Alan Gagloyev from Kazakhstan managed to defend his title from Circuit 6 by emerging Champion in the U12 category. He is now a 2-time Champion and is the clear cut leader with 46 points.

Leong Ee Hearn was the silver medalist and collected 9 points. Ee Hearn is now in 7th place with
19 points. Bronze medalist  Yeo Yee Meng added 8 points to be placed 5th on the board with 22 points.

Tee Shunze Kyle and Wong Rui Yang both did not participate in Circuit 7 and are now placed second with 36 points and third with 30 points respectively in the WPKL Circuit Points Standings.
  4th place in the WPKL Youth Circuit 2023/24, U12 points standings is Ian Rayqal who finished 9th and obtained 2 points. He remains on Fourth place in the standings.

Report By:
Tournament Director, WPKL Youth Circuit 2023/24 (FIDE-Rated)
IO/NA Amirul Haji Mohamad
16 July 2023

RESULTS - Circuit 7 WPKL